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Welcome to Motonet Finland, your ultimate destination for all your automotive needs. Whether you are a passionate car enthusiast or simply looking for reliable automotive products, Motone’t Finland has you covered. In this article, we will explore the history, product range, retail stores, online presence, customer experience, and community engagement of Motone’t Finland.

History of Motonet Finland

Motonet Finland was established in 1990 with a vision to provide top-quality automotive parts and accessories to car owners across the country. Over the years, it has grown into one of the leading retailers in Finland’s automotive industry. Motonet Finland has always prioritized customer satisfaction and has continuously expanded its product range and services to meet the growing demands of car enthusiasts.

Product Range

Motone’t Finland boasts an extensive product range, ensuring that customers can find everything they need under one roof. Whether you are looking for automotive parts, tools, accessories, or car care products, Motone’t Finland has it all.

Automotive Parts

From engine components to suspension systems, Motone’t Finland offers a wide selection of automotive parts. Whether you are performing routine maintenance or upgrading your vehicle’s performance, you can find the right parts for your car at Motone’t Finland.

Tools and Accessories

Motonet Finland understands the importance of having the right tools for any automotive job. They provide a comprehensive range of tools and accessories, including wrenches, socket sets, jacks, and more. With high-quality tools from renowned brands, you can trust Motone’t Finland to help you complete any automotive project.

Car Care Products

Keeping your vehicle in pristine condition is essential, and Motone’t Finland offers a range of car care products to help you achieve that. From cleaning supplies to wax and polish, you can find everything you need to keep your car looking its best.

Retail Stores

Motonet Finland has established a network of retail stores across the country, making it convenient for customers to access their products and services.

Store Locations

With over 30 store locations nationwide, Motone’t Finland ensures that customers can find a store near them easily. Whether you reside in Helsinki, Tampere, or Oulu, there’s a Motone’t Finland store nearby.

Store Services

Motonet Finland stores not only offer a wide range of products but also provide various services to enhance the customer experience. Some of these services include product installations, battery testing, and professional advice from their expert staff.

Online Presence

Recognizing the importance of online shopping, Motone’t Finland has established a robust e-commerce platform.

E-commerce Platform

Motone’t Finland’s user-friendly website allows customers to browse and purchase products from the comfort of their homes. The website features detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and an easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience.

Delivery and Returns

Motone’t Finland understands the significance of timely and reliable delivery. They offer fast shipping options and hassle-free returns, providing customers with peace of mind when ordering products online.

Customer Experience

Motone’t Finland takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring a positive experience for every shopper.

Expert Staff

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Motone’t Finland’s retail stores are always ready to assist customers. Whether you need advice on selecting the right automotive parts or guidance on using a specific tool, their expert staff is there to help.

Customer Reviews

Motone’t Finland values customer feedback and continuously strives to improve its products and services. The website features customer reviews, allowing shoppers to make informed decisions based on the experiences of previous buyers.

Community Engagement

Motone’t Finland actively engages with the automotive community and supports various initiatives.


Motone’t Finland sponsors local motorsport events and teams, demonstrating their commitment to the automotive community and fostering a sense of camaraderie among car enthusiasts.

Events and Workshops

Motone’t Finland organizes events and workshops where customers can learn more about automotive maintenance, repairs, and customization. These events provide an opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect and share their passion for cars.


Motonet Finland stands out as a reliable and customer-centric automotive retailer in Finland. With a vast product range, convenient retail store locations, a user-friendly e-commerce platform, and a commitment to exceptional customer service, Motonet Finland is the go-to destination for all your automotive needs.


Q: Does Motonet Finland offer international shipping?

A: Unfortunately, Motonet Finland currently only ships within Finland.

Q: Can I return a product bought online to a Motonet Finland retail store?

A: Yes, you can return online purchases to any Motonet Finland retail store.

Q: Does Motonet Finland provide installation services for the products they sell?

A: Yes, Motonet Finland offers installation services for various products. Please check with your local store for more details.

Q: Are there any discounts or loyalty programs available at Motonet Finland?

A: Yes, Motonet Finland offers discounts and a loyalty program for their customers. You can find more information on their website.

Q: Does Motonet Finland sell used or refurbished automotive parts?

A: No, Motonet Finland specializes in new automotive parts and accessories.

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